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Re: Scientist declares “Earth is F**ked" --Discuss?!

No, not him. As I said, Google some up. There are some side splitters.

The Russians have a very good sense of humor, and a lot of their jokes were aimed at their system. Some of the jokes, though, are so specific to the particular, technical absurdities of communism that Westerns don't get them.

Here's a sampling.

One of the most bizarre, which isn't a joke, was related by Gorbachev. He had the Soviet Bloc run a massive propaganda campaign claiming that Reagan's economics were forcing the American elderly to eat cat food, and they ran the campaign throughout the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe before realizing the damage that had been done. The reaction on the streets was "In America, they make special food just for cats!"

Of couse, as the Chinese have shown, communism kind of works when it abandons socialism as an economic model.
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