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Re: The Twilight Zone being rebooted by Bryan Singer and CBS

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Up till recently, there was talk of another movie version. And unlike the 1980 version (notorious for the on-set deaths of Vic Morrow and other actors), the proposed movie would feature one story, not a compilation of remakes from the old show. Seemed absolutely pointless to me.
Except that, as mentioned in another thread, two recent movies, Real Steel and The Box, have been adaptations of Richard Matheson stories that were previously adapted as Twilight Zone episodes, from the original and '80s versions respectively.

The point, from the studio's perspective, is to use the TZ episodes they own as a source of material for making movies. Maybe the TZ label would be incidental in that case, but if we can get some interesting movies out of it, does it matter that much if they exploit the branding? (And I assume the idea would be to do a series of movies under the TZ brand, get a franchise out of it.)
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