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Re: The Twilight Zone being rebooted by Bryan Singer and CBS

i am up for seeing a new Twilight Zone...especially with today's technology...but it's really the writing & concepts that need to be up there.

For the host...i ike Forest Whitaker as an acto, but he just didn't seem like the right fit for it. Maybe somone with a bit of creepiness (but not too much) maybe Michael Emerson (Benjamin Linus of Lost/Person of Interest). And maybe that they blend in with the surroundings just before they speak (vs. Rod Seling's randomness)

i just hope they don't resort to sex & violence the way the Outer Limits did on occasion.

Despite Superman Returns, I remmeber & appreciate X-Men, and hoping for that quality.

The Twilight Zone showed us some great actors, often before they became famous...the BRAND NEW Twilight Zone might be a place to feature some known actors in a different light.

By the way --- i hope they re-sue the Grateful dead re-imagining of the theme...or at least get inspired by that along with the classic.
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