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Re: Star Trek TNG Hive #3 [delayed/cancelled?]

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Also, what's with the picking and choosing from novel continuity? The story itself is very incompatible with the novel contnuity, though we've seen novel ship designs pop up, including that of the Titan. And now the Titan's bridge has Vale and Tuvok on it.
Nothing new about such picking and choosing. Various Trek licensees have been borrowing elements from each other's incompatible continuities for decades, like DC Comics using Romulan ship designs from FASA games, or DC's Who's Who in Star Trek cherrypicking backstory from both Enterprise: The First Adventure and DC's own completely contradictory version of Kirk's first mission as Enterprise captain. You also have canon borrowing characters' first names like Hikaru Sulu and Nyota Uhura from the novels, or Ron Moore tossing in a Final Reflection reference or two on DS9 even after years of creating an entirely separate version of the Klingons, or Enterprise borrowing Andorian lore from an RPG manual that it no doubt contradicted in other ways. And of course the Shatnerverse novel Captain's Glory also used characters from the Titan novels while completely contradicting their continuity, and Star Trek Online has used the novels' design for the Luna class despite being inconsistent with the novelverse.

It's no different from, say, the Superman comics adopting Jimmy Olsen and Perry White from the radio series, or the Batman comics adopting Harley Quinn and Renee Montoya from the '90s animated series, or Agent Coulson showing up on the animated Spectacular Spider-Man. Or the various different continuities of Godzilla movies bringing back the same monsters in different forms. Different versions of the same franchise borrow elements from each other all the time.
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