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Re: Star Trek: Enterprise seasons Blu-ray spec. features wishlist

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Since Enterprise was released last (except for TAS), it caught the tail end of a learning curve, with some of the best DVD features. No hilarious out-takes on earlier sets, maybe an actor permission issue or just that with comparitively less humour, the cut material was thrown in to lighten the mood.

My obvious wish is for new scripted material to be shot... but I know that'll never happen. Get the right budget and do a new episode, a condensed look at unseen history (2156-61 & beyond), a faux-documentary involving the whole cast, reunited back together and in character. Sprinkle in new CG shots with their narration, covering all the landmarks we never got to see - the Romulan War and all those ideas writers like Manny Coto & Mike Sussman had to scrap when Paramount cancelled this show.

I'd quite like the syndication trailers from 2005/6, when TPTB put together a 26 episode package to sell other networks - composing of Broken Bow, Regeneration, all of Season 4 and Carbon Creek.
Here's one:

You don't see them at no more... In addition to each of the episodes chosen for the short season best of run, there were 3 or 4 general series wide promos, intended to reintroduce audiences to ENT.
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