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Re: The Twilight Zone being rebooted by Bryan Singer and CBS

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After all, the term "reboot" originally comes from computing and means to restart a process that was shut down. Strictly speaking, it refers to restarting the same process, not replacing it with a different one, so the case could be made that what fandom perceives as the standard definition of "reboot" is actually a complete misuse of the word.
This. I've always hated the use of this term, and, frankly, the entire concept. The 2009 Star Trek movie went through ridiculous convolutions to apologize for not being Shatner/Nimoy Trek, when all they had to do is unapologetically, brazenly recast the roles.
Was Olivier's Hamlet a "reboot" of Barrymore's?

Back on topic.... seems like they bring back TZ every decade. The Forest Whittaker incarnation had an interesting sequel to It's a Good Life.
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