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Actually, it's mainly Biblebelt Christians and Evangelicals who shit bricks....
Who did you THINK I was referring to when I said "the religious right?"

I'd not be going back to my regularity scheduled program
That's because you would not fall into the category of "everyone else."

Plus, with intelligent life, I've said this many times, our solar system is very young compared to the others. We're the new kids on the block, both literally and figuratively. And those systems, billions of years ahead of us, would have technology we could only imagine. They probably have faster than light travel, anti-grav, and so on.
Or they could by ten-foot-tall catlike pre-industrial tribesmen who still haven't invented metallurgy or architecture yet. It could go either way.

Thing is, how much can government be trusted in the truth?
Pretty well, actually, considering their otherwise complete inability to keep any secret known by more than five people. As a rule, the more newsworthy a secret is, the more likely it is for some yahoo to leak it to the press "under the condition of anonymity."

I mean look at the overrated SETI, their policy is that if they do find an actual alien radio signal, they feel they need to keep the truth secret until they talk to the authorities and than it's up the the US government to decide if we're worthy of the truth
That's because SETI has a secondary military purpose (SIGINT, for one thing) that they don't like to talk about. They used to devote a portion of their radio telescope network to intercepting traffic from Soviet space missions and satellites, trying to figure out what the Russians were really saying when they thought nobody was listening.

Which, like most things related to space exploration, is the only reason SETI managed to continue to exist as long as it did. Now it's been grandfathered in and nobody's thought to question its relevance in the post-Cold War era.

Lies were used for the Vietnam war and the war in the middle east today...
And everyone who was paying attention knew about them almost immediately. Case in point.

For example, in 1952, Washington, in front of the world, when UFO's were hovering over the capitol...
And nobody noticed, or at least few enough people noticed that thirty years after the fact UFO hunters couldn't find more than a dozen people who had lived in Washington at the time who had any recollection of this at all.

And to any Christians and Evangelicals who'd freak out about alien life.......the Vatican in 2008 said alien life does not negate the belief in god.
Evangelicals don't give a shit what the Vatican thinks. Ironically, neither do conservative Catholics, who are exactly the kind of people who would freak out about the whole thing.
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