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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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Well, FTPers see XP reductions once they hit level 10. They get a 25% penalty on XP.
Yeah, that's what I referred to in my other post, ie the reduction. But what I meant was that due to the order you visit them through the class storyline, depending on the class someone chose, they might be meeting that gap at different times on a different planet. See, you got it bad on Taris where I didn't get the problem. I got it bad on Tatooine.
I think they'd do well to remove the XP restriction. With so many other things restricted, it's unnecessary.
Yeah, I agree. But this is EA. When haven't they done something that was completely unnecessary? It certainly would make things easier though as the restrictions throw things out of whack in terms of readiness to tackle objectives. Since it's highly story oriented, the restrictions disrupt the flow from what was designed.
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