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Re: Holy ....! Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover coming From IDW!

Having just finished the final issue, I'll say meh. Despite being built up on the front cover, the confontation with the Cyber Controller was rather anti-climatic, as was the Conduit's inevitable betrayal that went nowhere. During the fight in the Cybermen's engine room, Worf grabs Amy and Rory to run. They ask about the other officers, and Worf just says "We can't help them now." Even though there was still one guy alive and putting up a fight.

I wish thehy had done more with the friendship that seemed to be developing between Worf and Rory. Nice nod with Riker remembering the time he and Bertrand dropped by Sisko's Reataurant, although nitpick, that image is supposed to be sometime before TNG season 1 (Riker has no beard) and yet he and Bertrand are wearing the season 3 onward uniforms.
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