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Re: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Grading & Discussion (Spoilers

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Did you miss the parts where Gandalf sends messages to the eagles via insects? (a moth and a butterfly, respectively)
He meant that in the books they happened to be there, while in the films they were summoned by Gandalf.
Actually, if memory serves, in Fellowship of the Ring (the novel, not the film), Gwaihir rescues Gandalf from Orthanc because Radagast asked Gwaihir to report to Gandalf on the movements of Sauron's forces and Gandalf had informed Radagast that he was on his way to consult with Saruman regarding the overall situation, so Gwaihir knew to look for Gandalf at Isengard. So, while Gandalf didn't summon Gwaihir directly in the novel, it also wasn't just a coincidence.
I stand corrected on that count. However, my point remains the same: Gandalf didn't summon them and the eagles only helped because they were in the area.

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Also, is there some kind of explanation in the books as to why the giant eagles don't just fly Gandalf and the gang all the way to their destination? Like maybe they aren't able to leave a certain area? Or they don't want to get too close and risk the dragon sensing them?

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I believe the Eagles are direct servants of god, like the Wizards, and so only help the heroes enough to get them to the next stage of their development.
The problem lies also lies with how Peter Jackson depicts the Eagles' rescues in both the trilogy and The Hobbit. In the trilogy, Gwaihir rescues Gandalf from Orthanc because he happens to passing by the area, not because he was summoned by Gandalf. Additionally, in The Hobbit, the eagles only happened to be in the area and decided to help out, and again, they were not summoned by Gandalf. In each case, there's a certain reluctance on their part to help out and only helped out in a limited manner and out of favor to Radagast, neither of which is clear in Fellowship of the Ring or An Unexpected Journey.
Um, each time Gandalf in the films needs help from the Eagles, he get's a moth, whispers something and then they appear. It happened at Orthanic, it happened at the Black Gate and it happened when they were in "the frying pan" so each time, they were summoned by Gandalf.
As JarodRussell already pointed out, I was referring to the books. Sorry I wasn't clear.
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