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Re: Star Trek TNG Hive #3 [delayed/cancelled?]

Issue 3 is decent entertainment. It does seem the name of the game here is to reunite the TNG cast, which is fine, given this is supposed to be in celebration of the 25th anniversary. But then, at some points they seem to be trying a bit too hard, like how they wrote the Titan off and now Riker's back to his post on the Enterprise's bridge.

Also, what's with the picking and choosing from novel continuity? The story itself is very incompatible with the novel contnuity, though we've seen novel ship designs pop up, including that of the Titan. And now the Titan's bridge has Vale and Tuvok on it. Why was Tuvok wearing red? Admittedly, I've only read a few Titan novels, but since he's supposed to be the tactical officer (and indeed is at tactical in his Hive cameo) shouldn't he still be in gold?
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