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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Just finished Q Who in my linear watch-through and the compositing of the Borg cube really does look pretty bad. Very flat and gray looking.
Agreed. It looks more like a bunch of plastic sprues than it did when it was a bunch of plastic sprues.
Yeah that was my concern about this ep from the very beginning-- that the Borg ship wouldn't hold up well at all in HD.

At the very least, it probably could have benefited from the more shadowy lighting CBS-D gave all the ships in S1, to hide some of the flaws and give it a bit more mystery.

I borderline almost wish they re-did the cube in CG. Many of the shots of it chasing the ship are just still shots panned and zoomed in. Like it was stated above, maybe if it didn't look so washed out in the remaster, they could've improved the look of the effect as it was originally and without CGI.
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