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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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I don't think the price would be all that different, as the bulk of the costs are tied to licensing and AFM Reuse Fees etc., very little in the actual packaging (CD manufacturing can be surprisingly cheap).
It's the same with books. A lot of people assume that e-books should be much cheaper than physical books because they don't have the same printing and shipping costs, but actually, if a book is published in large quantities, economies of scale mean that printing and shipping cost merely pennies per book. Most of what's being paid for is the work of the writer, editor, copyeditors, typsetters, cover designer and artist, marketing and publicity people, and so forth, which is the same regardless of the end format.

In this case, what we're paying for is not only the fees you mentioned, but the composer and performer royalties, along with the months of hard work that Indysolo and his colleagues put into compiling and remastering this huge amount of music, researching and writing the notes, designing and creating the artwork, getting photo clearances, etc. The value is in the content and the labor that went into creating it, not in the physical substrate that holds it.
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