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Re: Star Trek TNG Hive #3 [delayed/cancelled?]

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Picked it up and read it yesterday. I thought it was another solid book.


It was great seeing Christine Vale (?) and Tuvok (?) on Titan. I thought it was an interesting choice to use Trek Lit. characters there, but not on the Enterprise. Unless Lt. Archer is coming to Trek Lit., and I wouldn't mind that at all.

Also, the end of the book actually provides a neat way to bring Data back. I've heard (but not read) that this has been done in David Mack's current TNG novels. But if it hadn't, Hive could've been a way to do it. Better, IMO, than how his resurrection was explained in the Countdown story.
I'm wondering if the Hive isn't going to end up as a sort of prequel to Countdown
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