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Re: The Borg: Wondering....

Well: check my point about the missionary, that says it all, I think.
They too figured they HAD to force it upon the 'unknowing' because those didn't know any better.
And to save them from hell, it was therefor needed.
Same with the Collective: they want to bring their superiority to masses that did not understand them.
Seeing a Borg, who would join them out of own free will?
Who would give up their freedom, their individuality?
Even though they do have superior technology.
Thus, for their own benefit, the Borg NEED to enforce assimilation upon the unwilling, saving them from 'imperfection'...
On the other hand, the refusal does prevent the Borg from evolving.
Contradictionary: the fact that they assimilate the ENTIRE species is a flawed logic: by doing this, the Assimilated species stops from evolving, thus this limits the Borg simply since this evolution is what the Borg need to evolve themselves.
Go figure.

Of course: this is ethics, and ethics vary from person to person.
What is evil to you, might be holy to me.
A pedophile (an extreme example) thinks what he does is not evil.
The majority however, thinks 'slightly' different.
But this is again up to the person and how his ethics in certain cases are.
The missionary for instance too thought it was the right thing what he did.
And so do the Borg.

I for one, would voluntarily join up, for sure.
IMHO: emotions and freedom are the base of all wars.
Logic: freedom (the freedom for instance to say what you want) can lead to fighting. Fighting leads to civil wars. Civil wars lead to global wars. Global wars can eventually lead to galactic war.
Unifying everyone's thought therefor is the solution to peace.
If there is only one thought, there can be no war.

How often has emotion lead to drama?
A woman coming home, finding hubby with another woman... drama.
Person X enduring harassments, bullying, or other forms of dislike/hate based (emotion right here) actions, driving him/her to things like depression (emotion), aggression (emotion) to even suicide.
Not having emotion would lead to a lot less misery.

Again, this too is in the eye of the beholder.
But who can say -considering this- that the Borg are evil?

In the first series, the Borg were a rather flawless integration of species that had no conflict amongst one another.
In ater episodes they were turned to a species which suddenly DID had inner conflicts (think of ST: V - Unimatrix Zero (season-epi: 6-26/7-1).
Basically: it was original a species with no hate for the other, jealousy on the other, a war-free species (amongst themselves, I mean).
Not such a bad thing, all things considered.

Not to mention the 'health' bonuses: prolonged life, virtually complete sickness resistance, stronger, and more intellectual (since it is a Collective) despite the removal of the self...

What does seem strange: they are unable to tackle problems themselves.
They can only improve through Assimilation, no longer able to create themself.
A perfect example is ST: V - Scorpion (3-26, 4-1) where the Borg need assistance from voyager to battle Species 8472 that is invading Borg Space.
In this epi 7 of 9 is found, and stays on Voyager from there on.
I cannot comprehend how this is possible, considering how far they got regarding technology and science...
Without the 'power to create' this seems... virtually impossible...

Oh well, more to think about.

BTW: did I mention, I am a Borg Fan?
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