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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

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^^All very nice stats, but both the UK and Australia while having a higher crime rate, have a lower murder rate per capita than the US.

So using those stats (as well as others that have been posted) despite the UK with 4 times the violent crime rate than the US, you are around 4 times less likely to be murdered.

So which would people rather have, a higher chance of being a victim of a crime, or a higher chance of being murdered?

And no you can't answer neither, which we would of course all want.

And of course, you have to ask are crime figures recorded differently now, are people more willing to report crime now etc...
Us gun murder rates are skewed by the war on drugs and the resulting violence associated with it. If you legalized all drugs, regulated and taxed them just like tobacco and alcohol, and treated addiction as an illness and not a crime, you would drastically cut down the numbers of gun related crime.
Or we could do what every other industrialized nation on Earth has done to great success.
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