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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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It gets to my only real complaint about the whole thing. Why a CD box set? How 20th century. Why not make it all available as a download? Why am I ripping these stupid CDs as we speak?

I'm smiling, folks. Trust me, I really appreciate the work and effort. Still, let's face it, this is stone knives and bearskins.
Maybe it's a generational thing. A CD set is something I can hold in my hand and feel I have something tangible for the money spent. A download is just there and doesn't really feel like anything special.

I actually do understand your point, but I might have really paused over paying more than two hundred bucks just for a download. This is something they might have considered, how a lot of people might have responded to it being offered as just a download. Mind you if it had been offered as just a download than the price would certainly have had to reflect that since you wouldn't have had to pay for the manufacturing, recording and packaging of the whole thing.
I don't think the price would be all that different, as the bulk of the costs are tied to licensing and AFM Reuse Fees etc., very little in the actual packaging (CD manufacturing can be surprisingly cheap).

I also feel that I want something physical and tangible, and that's true for most of the film/TV score market as far as I can tell.

I want to look at it. Show it to a friend. Get it signed (which I was lucky enough to be able to do). Read the liner notes on paper without going on the web or opening it up on a device. Display it on my Star Trek "shrine" shelf, along with a Tribble, a Tricorder and other things.

Downloads do not allow for any of that.
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