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Just had some troubles with our big (ex)tomcat again.. bladder infection again, this time certainly due to stress since we were redecorating (wallpaper, painting ceiling, carpet) the upper floor again.
He couldn't pee.. *sigh* meds, antibiotics (to be sure) and Novacam again. He's such a stressy cat, our other cat never has troubles like that.

Ah well, he's feeling better now, peeing lots and lots at a time again hee hee. Got him checked yesterday, slightly elevated white blood cells in his urine still but no blood and most important, absolutely no crystals!!

Stupid vet still wanted to keep him on food to prevent crystals (Royal Canin Urinary s/o). He hates the food plus no crystals, so why? Nope. Back to Porta21 and possibly Sanabelle (have to order new kibble) and Miamor/Schmusy/Smilla/etc wet food and his Carnibest/Tinlo raw food and chicks and mice.

My lovely 6 kilo's big tomcat.

He's not lazy.. no really..
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