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Re: UT: Refugee Crisis/Dark Territory-"Stealing Fire"

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The Burning Claw
Command Deck

Nadeen gave into the cheers that broke out across the bridge. She savored the triumph as the antimatter mines exploded like fireworks around the Starfleet vessel. The Starfleeters had been so stricken by their headless colleague and so intent in scanning for the Arkenite that they hadn’t paid more attention to the Klingon antimatter mines that Nadeen had spread around The Burning Claw.

It had been one of her first orders upon assuming command. Deoch had always been stingy in their usage, due to their expense, and Gedrik had been ignorant to their potential. Nadeen knew enough about Starfleet to know that they never left their compatriots behind and that a starship was doubtlessly on their trail.

Thankfully the Erickson had waded perfectly into her trap. And she had made sure to add to the potency of the mines by using all of them to increase their destructiveness. Once the intense flare dissipated, Nadeen jumped from her seat. Still glowing, the crew now looked upon her like they might a deity. Even Deoch had never taken on and defeated a Federation starship before.

“What are your orders now captain?” Gotash asked. Nadeen looked at the viewer. The Erickson listed, it’s battered hulls half darkened by power outages and perforations.

“Gather a boarding party,” she ordered the too fragile Venturi. “We’re going to raid that boat.”
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