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Re: Best Stargazer novels?

I enjoyed the original Reunion which begat the Stargazer series, and the "pilot" book The Valiant, but I wasn't impressed with the first proper book in the series, Gauntlet and have yet to read further.

The technical stuff bothered me. i know it's irrelevent to many, but IMO if you're gonna write books set on a particular ship you should keep it true to what we know about that ship. It should make the most of a ship's unique features. The sets were cramped (or at least shot in a way to give that illusion) and there were only a few stations on the bridge - but I'm pretty sure that in the Stargazer books more bridge officers are present at posts than would fit.

Gauntlet describes the ship having one small shuttlebay when simply looking at it reveals an enourmous bay at the front which is a whopping five decks high, and several more around the saucer rim.
And an important plot point revolves around the navigational deflector - something the Constellation-class ships do not have.
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