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Re: The Borg: Wondering....

Thank you for the responses.

The Borg are initially a 'noble' race, strifing for perfection through Assimilation, and bringing their goods to others.
The 'others' do not understand the Borg (as the Borg sees this), and thus, for their own good, the Borg must force this upon them.
Much like the missionary bringing God to places where he initially not very welcome, but persisting for 'their own good'.

Their invasion in Fluidic Space where Species 8472 lives, was a similar mission, and meantime a quest for more knowledge, more improvement to the Collective.
And as the church did with the Missionary, the Borg get allover the Universe (multiverses?) to bring their religion, the Omega Molecule (AKA Particle 010)(and meanwhile looking for it, albeit they know it exists. A test with the Omega Molecule resulting in a sub-second moment of stability after it's synthesis, which became unstable resulting in a formidable explosion, killing hundreds of thousands of Borg and destroying Warp capability in that region, proved them it DOES exist, but is not yet manageable by them or any other known race), they went in Fluidic Space for this.
Where the Borg are by many considered evil, any of the other races in Star Trek has a similar past, trying to conquer and turn things in their liking.
The pot calling the kettle black...

In many ways, the Borg are a very interesting race, having bagage not many other races have.
But that is in my humble opinion...
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