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Help Rebuilding My Collection

Hello fellow Trek lit. fans,
could you help me out? I recently moved and I have a very large Trek novel collection. I've been collecting and reading since the mid-90s (Star Trek books were a great form of escapism during high school). Anyway, I've seem to have lost some of my books, and was wondering if anyone could provide a list of certain books so my collection will be complete again.
I'm looking for the TNG books from Resistance until the end of the Borg War saga. I had the complete set, but now have only found three: Resistance, Greater than the Sum, and Before Dishonor.
Finally, I'm looking for the books from Avatar to Unity (what's in between?). Also, what's after Unity? I'll probably buy the books used on
I just hate having an incomplete storyline and lost books. Thank you all for your time and have a great holiday.
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