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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

Right now, I just want a third damn quickbar! My Sith Assassin is at around Lv37 and though I manage ok on my own, it's become increasingly difficult to effectively tank in groupings. As it stands I have to open the skills window to select the guard ability. I've just plain ran out of space.

I understand restricting access to PvP, warzones, ops etc since that's what most people who sub are interested in, but putting actual gameplay restrictions that make it harder to function effectively just seems stupid. It's not encouraging me to sub. Hell, it's actively discouraging me to purchase preferred status (which I was contemplating) just on general principle.

As for the XP restrictions, so far I think I've been getting away with it (barely) because I've been using the legacy unlocks to boost it. I still need to do every heroic, area, side and bonus quest along with every flashpoint just to maintain parity. I also have the slight advantage of my characters having a slight head start since I created the account during the free trial and got most of them up to around lv12-15. Even then it's been rough so I can only imagine how much of a grind it's been for people starting fresh.

Indeed, I've already noticed that the server I use is noticeably quieter around peak time than it was when FTP first launched. I suspect a lot of people have already packed it in. For a while I thought I just might be ahead of the pack, but when I went back to Nar Shaddaa for the bonus series (which was awful btw) I saw pretty much the same thing.
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