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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

And he'll be able to afford it with all his millions of dollars. Do not weep for him. He is going to have offers coming in from a few teams. A friend of mine is convinced he was hurt worse than the anyone wants to admit and benching him has as much to do with not showing weakness(for the team, or for Smith when he goes on the market this spring) as it does Harbaugh wanting to start fresh with Kaepernick.

I'd like to see him play some role in the post-season, but as long as they're winning it is hard to criticize Harbaugh's call on this one. When they were sitting pretty with that 28 point lead on Sunday, bringing him in to slow down the game might have kept that margin a lot bigger than it ended up being. They did win though, which is what they all get paid those millions for.
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