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Re: Episode of the Week: The Arsenal of Freedom

But yeah, it would have been nice if the episode acknowledged that.
It would have been sort of cute for Geordi and the youngsters to defeat the invincible fighting machine, only to be told that there never was any need to - they could just have waited it out, as Picard had already sorted out everything. Would Picard perhaps have kept this information to himself to boost the self-confidence of his officers, in a scene the audience would "get" but the heroes would find a bit confusing?

And speaking of TOS to TNG, what happened to the science officer role?
Seems to have been a clear casualty. Data was apparently being considered for just the role, but then the creators got cold feet with too obvious TOS parallels and whatnot, and the unsatisfactory "Operations Officer" thing was invented instead.

One TNG-specific invention made it: we got the Counselor. Another did not: Worf didn't become the Marine. Overall, though, the writers appeared to have been given instructions not to "typecast" the characters, and in the first season, none of them had a clear-cut role. Even within a single episode, the duty of steering the ship, answering the hails or firing the phasers would hop from one character to another at random. Perhaps "Arsenal of Freedom" has some of that, too, with the Chief Engineer's ambitions for commanding the ship through a battle.

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