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Re: They teach Latin at Starfleet Academy?

Fair enough. Perhaps Latin returning will be related to all the fascinating revelations about the interstellar pedigree of the Roman gods? Possibly a Roman (counter)culture will arise and launch a colonization program intent on restoring the full might of the past, starting with the language and the fashion, then halting for a while at the thought of the cooking and the sanitation, then regaining full pace with the promise of the circuses.

Let me guess - you don't live in a region where multiple languages are routinely spoken/heard in daily life?
My remote corner of the western world is infamous for very actively forgetting about foreign languages when the opportunity arises. Our former landlords the Swedes and the Russians are still major trade partners, but it's so utterly unfashionable to learn these languages nowadays that trade noticeably suffers. A few centuries back, we'd have been polyglots out of necessity, getting around with Swedish for old times' sake and with Russian, French and German to interact with the east (because Russian protectionism kept the west out of the picture, but OTOH Russia was rather German and French from the inside). Earlier still, it wouldn't have been unusual for the merchants to acquire Dutch, Polish and Estonian for basic interaction, and of course medieval times would have involved heavy cultural exchange with central Europe.

Today we have education, which means we don't learn languages.

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