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The Borg: Wondering....

My one and only TRUE favorite race be the Borg, albeit I do like the Vulcan too.
Now, I was thinking: The Borg know and have MANY Queens, and Clones. Since there are so many, these are not actual leaders, but more of highest officer, I think.
Of course, this is merely theorizing, but what if the "Original Borg" (The uber-supercomputer that probably started to 'consume' people in a Technological variation of vampirism, come on, the analogy with Vampirism is so obvious, nea? Tubes for fangs to vampirize others through Nano-technology?) is still out there, like a planet-sized (or even solar-system-sized) Central Command Unit, working through the Queens which are directly linked to them in an unknown, encrypted hyperlink?

Further on: the Queen said there were many Transwarp Hubs, thousands, maybe even millions, throughout the universe, so are the Borg gone?

Just thinking out loud...
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