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Re: zippers and carpet seams = new revelations in HD on TNG-R

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They should've made the monitors on the TOS bridge look more alive rather than as the gel sheets they were.
No, they really shouldn't. They needed to respect the work all those people did all those years ago. If you need artificial blinkies that look more modern, go watch *Star Trek 2009.

* Not a slam at the film.
They also need to respect the original intent of the writers and if the budgets and methods of 1980s production prevented them from getting their story across as they intended, and the technology exists today to correct that, then that is what they should do.

It would be immensely frustrating and downright wrong to still have the Enterprise firing phaser shots from its photon torpedo launcher in Darmok for example, when we get to series 5.

Also the 2ft model used in the time tunnel looks downright appaling in Time Squared. No-one would object to a swish new CG Enterprise in that episode, methinks.
Agreed. The misaligned phaser in season 5 should be fixed. If the lighting passes are misaligned, they should be fixed. If Data's makeup comes off or Worf's looks particularly poorly matched to Dorn's skin, by all means, fix it. Those kinds of things detract from the experience and suspension of disbelief, especially in HD. Go ahead and give new shots of the ship like TOS-R so it isn't the same 8 shots of the Enterprise every single episode. That was one of the great things in added to the show to have those new shots and new planets to look forward to each episode. I don't see that as disrespecting the original intent, but fulfilling it.
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