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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

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I agree with this. It is basically impossible.
I wouldn't say it's impossible, just improbable until obvious problems get solved and more awareness along with quite a few key events to play out for TVP to happen.

Honestly I think Jacques Fresco will die before he even sees the first real steps of TVP.

The way I see it, TVP & Jacques Fresco is one of the best ideas for the future of humanity. There's no denying it. What he says is mostly true. A method to get us to fix our problems before everything goes wrong and we screw ourselves. The closest thing to taking us in the direction of a Star Trek future.

There are a few key points I don't agree with in how his society would function compared to how reality will happen.

1) People around the world are not all of a sudden going to give up their vested interests in life, especially when they're on the top of the pecking order with money, power, influence, materials.
Even if the people know that it is a problem, they wouldn't be able to oust their government.
Most governments would use their army's to subdue the populace and enforce martial law before they let the government change.
Anything short of a bloody revolution with lots of near simultaneous assassinations of those in power / wealth, will TVP happen IMO.

2) Even with TVP, there will need to be a form of government managing society.
That's the short end of it.
Having machines as support for information and analytics is what will keep the society running by making decisions based on practical fact instead of whim / desire.
Having the machines take over all the decision making is too dangerous IMO.
I'm not worried about machines taking over, I'm worried about people hacking the system and skewing the information for 1 hackers personal gain / enjoyment.
We've all seen the rampant hacking in this world, it only takes 1 malcontent to screw everything up, especially in a more digital world.

There's a old saying, don't put all your eggs in 1 basket.
The same is with governance, you leave that much decision making in the hands of the machines, something is bound to screw it up for everybody.

Having people make all the important decisions and double / triple checking facts / calculations / forecasts / predictions is what will keep society running.
It may run a little slower, but people won't run into decision making based on stupid rehtoric, inflamed emotions, etc.

Just the other day, Discovery canceled "American Guns" because of the recent shootings in Conneticut (sp?).
There is not direct relation other than it's a show about guns and people are angry.

3) There might be a threat of lost knowledge if people do not properly pass on the skills, knowledge, history of certain trade craft in a TVP world if certain industries / crafts become unpopular.

Somebody will need to preserve some of this valuable knowledge.

4) People will not just magically behave the way you expect them to, even in a generalist educated society.
The world won't be full of saints, it'll be better, but it won't be perfect.

5) There will need to be laws and restrictions on technology due to how dangerous somethings are.
With proper training, people can learn anything under proper supervision, even the dangerous stuff.
I remember there was the kid trying to build a nuclear fission reactor in his garage.
He managed to lightly irradiate his neighborhood, nothing life threatening, but noticeably higher than average.
He was doing this to study about nuclear reactors and how to make it better.
He meant no harm and will probably end up being a nuclear physicist at this rate.

6) I don't know what TVP plan is fore jet engine aircraft, but anything short of coming up with a clean burning synthetic liquid solution, we'll need jet fuel (petroleum) in the foreseeable future when it comes to powering aircraft.

7) Even with a initial startup in TVP, there will be potential external threats from malcontents who want to terrorize with actual violence like 9/11.
We'll still need a standing military to defend TVP if it ever takes off.
There will be people very upset that there vested interests are being trampled on by the new system.

8) Even in Star Trek, Earth only got better after World War 3 and "First Contact" when man realized there is so much more potential for the human race thanks to aliens + FTL space travel.
It's probably going to take something monumental to get the human race to think differently and for TVP to become reality.
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