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Re: VOTE! l ENT Avatar Contest l United

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Nice avs, everyone. Loving all the Shran goodness.

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Can't see who voted for whom! Can't tell who to make puppy eyes for! So you'll all get 'em!!
FYI: "When posting images, please make sure you do not post more than 50-70kb worth of photos, as a courtesy to those with slower connections. Images are to be no larger than 640x480."

You can find the posting rules under FAQs.
Nah, we don't enforce that rule anymore,* because hardly anyone has a "slower connection" these days, and the latest vBulletin is much more robust. As long as your image is not so wide that it stretches the page, and it's not ridiculously humongoid, post away.

*T'Bonz is going to update the FAQ one of these days.
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