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Re: VOY Caption This 94; Leverage

"Property of Macktastic Tuvok Flow?"
You don't see a thing, Doctor.

"Professor Truth Blue Love" is a pimp name?
I'm working on it.

Vorik: I'll make you a deal: I'll go beserk once every seven years if you stop going beserk once every seven years.

B'Elanna: I kill you!!!

Kim: Lt William Chapman. Male Caucasian, age 34, top of his class in Astrophysics. Turn-ons: walks on the beach and getting caught in the rain. Turn-offs: angry sex.

Seven: Next.

According to this, Mister Neelix, you've got a redundant character.
But I can develop it, Doctor! I just need the writing!
Send in Chakotay or Kim on your way out. Next!

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