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Re: Rewatching "The High Ground"

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So you are, for some reason, completely discounting prisons entirely, even though we've heard of them several times, and seen one of them at least once.
I'm simply acknowledging that they amount to torture. And significantly, that they amount to much more severe torture for Yuta than they would for a human being. In fact, a prison would be much less humane a fate for Yuta than death by bludgeoning, because the latter would only take, oh, three hours of suffering max.
Well, if you're ever arrested, I'll make sure to recommend that the judge sentences death rather than imprisonment.

A sentient being who does not deserve to be treated like a person?
Few in Star Trek do. You have to abide to human standards of existence to get accepted as a person there. From the very first aired episode on, it has been clear that there's no mercy for sapient vampires, and Yuta obviously is one.
Do you make any sense to yourself?

And now you are, for some bizarre reason, equating a 24th century Federation prison as "torture".
All imprisonment is torture - that's its sole function, to make the victim suffer from freedom deprivation and see the error of his ways. The sometimes quoted secondary function of keeping the victim temporarily out of further mischief amounts to basically nothing unless the sentence is life or some sort of rehabilitation eventually takes place. We hear of both these things being true in the Trek universe (life spent at Elba II, or then six-month sentences for things like attempted genocide, followed by apparent 100% recovery rate for the specific crime-illnesses) - but only for people who are not Yuta. She's not curable, and life spent not murdering would be constant torture for her.

Timo Saloniemi
Again, no sense is made.

I know you like trying to see all sides, but really, you're straining all credibility here...
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