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Re: Was Voyager better?

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Voyager > The Next Generation. The crew had a chemistry that the Next Genners lacked.
Don't see how, Harry Kim was a loser with almost zero personality that Harry Kim whom Janeway seems give arbitrary and cruel punishments to (giving him a reprimand for getting an STD) and Chakotay a big wuss who acted like a door mat and Janeway would either ignore him or punish him if he suggested anything that was contrary to her way of thinking. Janeway seemed like a my way or the highway type leader. Also Neeelix seemed to be there just to get on everyone's nerves, he didn't really add any chemistry.

Its also hard to have chemistry with a pair of characters who have such one note personalities. Also the crew's devotion to Janeway sometimes comes across as cultish rather then family like. Also she seems to brook very little in the way of dissent, like when the Doctor tried to remove her from command in "Year of Hell" and she threaten to delete him.

The TNG characters seemed far more dynamic and less dysfunctional. Picard may have been distant at times, but he didn't give out arbitrary punishments and was far more willing to listen to his crew then Janeway was. Also Picard warmed to his crew over time, he was very distant in the first season, but very close to them by the 7th season. Janeway never had that character development, she was constantly bipolar, taking widely different positions in different episodes and she never did lose that my way or the high way attitude. She should have been very strict and authoritarian at first, but become more relaxed in her command over time. That's why I like the TNG crew better, there was more character development.

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