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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Part of what floors me about this collection is while it all sounds consistent with each other it also covers so much range in style and sensibilities and mood. It's incredible. This really is a treasure trove and gold mine in terms of television series music. And it really is the an integral part of the soul that made Star Trek come alive for us.

I do have one quibble about this set and it has nothing to do with the music or collection. I find the case holder for the discs to be awkward and rather flimsy. You feel like you have to handle it with care or it could fall apart on you (one tray is in the Season 2 case did just that, but I managed to get it back into place). The CDs don't seem to fit snugly either and so far I've found two discs rattling loose inside. Fortunately there appears to be no damage and they play just fine.

...Listening to the first disc of Season 2 I gotta say I much prefer the earlier orchestral version of the main title theme rather than the later version with the enhanced vocals.
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