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Re: TNG Caption This! 296: Closer to Punctuality!

Arm Candy: What is that?
Data: Snake eyes.
Riker: Lets hope he doesn't roll craps.

Kurn: As First Officer, my first act will be to eliminate inefficiency. From now on you will wear roller skates on the bridge.

Picard: Just the executive-level thinking we need around here.

Riker: I don't see how -

Kurn: You will address me as "Hon."

Commander Worf, what does that pin mean?

It is a backup bow tie for unexpected Klingon tea parties.

Bow ties, tea, sweat lodges, wrestling - Klingons are kind of into dudes, aren't they.


Trill on skates: Coming through, hons!

When I get back you'd better know the words to FrèreJacques, LaForge!

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