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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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One possible reason for attacking now instead of several decades ago is that they believed the demonstration would be more effective in the internet age of 2005/2012 than in the less connected world of the 80ís.
No offense, but sense none this makes. Are you saying the League predicted the rise of the Internet, and decided to hold off on their attack for that reason? If you are, then let me point out that absolutely nothing in the movies suggest anything of the sort. Such apologist explanations for why the League is anything more than a source of Eeeeeeee-vil are heavily steeped in pure speculation and extra-textual invention.
Of course itís speculative. Thatís what ďone possible reasonĒ means. I advanced a couple of plausible explanations. There are many more. We donít know exactly what LOSís thinking is, and since the story is told from Bruce Wayneís perspective rather than the LOSís perspective, we donít have to know exactly what their reason is.

The general point ó that LOSís goal is not only to destroy Gotham but to teach the rest of the world a lesson in the process ó is pretty clear.

Itís not at all implausible that the LOS could have foreseen the world becoming more connected. Considering that their purpose is influencing global civilization, it would naturally be a subject of interest for them, and they have some very smart people.

Even if they didnít specifically foresee the rise of the internet, it seems to be the case that they are patient by nature and wait for the right time to strike, even without necessarily being able to predict exactly when that right time will be or what will make it right.

It seems that you have decided, solely on the basis of higher crime rates a few decades ago, that crime rates are the only factor that influence the decision of when and how to attack; that LOS could, should, and would have made their play when crime rates were at their highest; that any other story is implausible and that the story is ďdevoid of sophistication and contemporary relevanceĒ because LOSís attack isnít synchronous with maximum crime rates. Itís ridiculous.
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