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Re: Star Wars Dark Horse comics disscussion and comments

Corinna Beckho and Gabriel Hardman were recently interviewed by CBR about the new Legacy series.

A couple of interesting excerpts...
Hardman: As far as her actual lineage goes and exactly how she's related to Han and Leia is something that is a little bit of a mystery and we're not going to be paying off anytime soon. A lot of the "Legacy" era has been about these larger-than-life Emperors and royalty -- we're taking this down to much more of a ground level. Ania Solo is somebody that is not a part of that world, and she doesn't have a personal connection to it. She may have even turned her back on it.

She's living in a backwater, Outer Rim system. She runs a junkyard and she doesn't have that many prospects, and that's where we start things. Our story takes off there.

Hardman: [...] we do see what's happening on the highest levels of trying to organize a government or an Empire -- a triumvirate actually -- and we do follow through with the strands that John and Jan had set up and it's definitely all still part of the world but we're focusing in very small at the beginning on this tiny, little backwater system, which is sort of a microcosm of what's going on and we can expand out from there.
See the link for some details on the incident that sets off Ania's adventures, the identities of the other two characters on the cover, a little Cade Skywalker talk, and one interior page preview.

I was plenty intrigued by the series based on the announcement alone, but this interview now has me looking forward to it's debut in 2013 even more.
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