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Re: Episode of the Week: Heart of Glory

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Great, great episode. One of TNG's best and, I think, one of the definitive Klingon episodes. I liked these Klingons a hell of a lot more than Ron Moore's drinking biker gang.
Really? I thought Ronald moore's portrayal of Klingons was what made them cultured and likable, unlike their portrayal in voyager and enterprise. I cite the episodes 'Ethics and 'Redemption' as examples of his positive development of Klingon culture.
Those episodes simply stereotyped the Klingons. Cultured? They like to get drunk and tear their own shit up for no good reason and then cut and run if things don't go their way.

Heart of Glory and A Matter of Honor were the actual episodes that gave the Klingons some depth.
I gotta agree. These warriors seemed to be more purposeful than just "fight cause we're filling a cliche stereotype." Honestly though, I wish we would've seen more episodes featuring non-warrior Klingons. Playing God wasn't a good DS9 episode, but I loved that fat Klingon cook singing opera. The Lawyer in DS9's Rules of Engagement was also a compelling character.
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