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Re: The "what are you working on?" Art thread.

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opps nvm i mistook Rom for Nog cus he was next to Jake. ^_^;;
No prob. It would have made more sense to put Nog next to Jake and that was in fact where I originally sketched him. However, then I felt it was unfair not to include Rom, but there wasn't anywhere to insert him unless I took out one of the other characters. Morn would have been the easiest to lose, though I didn't especially want to have to sacrifice anybody. Nog, being the most diminutive, was easiest to relocate to the little bit of remaining extra space.

DS9 is the only series where you'd have the problem of having too many characters to know what to do with. If I were to replicate this scene with the other [Star Trek] series, I'd have to stretch to come up with enough people to fill all 13 spots.

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