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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Count me as one of the people who did not like "Space Jesus Sisko" ().
I must be the only one that liked that arc then.

I quite liked the opening two-parter. I definitely liked it more than Afterimage, which I thought was average.

I absolutely hated Ezri with such irrational rage back in the day. It seemed like she was taking up too many episodes, and she came across as too whiney. It was just that I missed Jadzia so much. Sure, she was probably the weakest character in the main cast, but I enjoyed her presence.

Back to today, and Ezri isn't whiney, she's just confused and conflicted. It was a good move to develop the Trill that way, (whom I find interesting, so to you TGB!) While I admit now that she was all right really, I still miss Jadzia, and I still think Ezri takes up too much time away from the other characters. Conflicting feelings all round.

So in Afterimage, Garak is good. Obviously. Ezri finding her way on DS9, and as the new Dax was also good. All of the counseling I could take or leave, and the end was a bit too neatly tied up.
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