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DEXTER season 8 may NOT be the last season after all

Fans of Showtime's serial killer soap opera "Dexter" get ready to rejoice... tentatively. Since the summer, we've been under the impression that the series' eighth season, which airs in late 2013, will be its last. We even heard executive producer Sara Colleton confirming that Season 8 shall "definitely" be the last hurrah for the affable Florida-based murderer.

Not so fast, says showrunner Scott Buck.

In an interview with NY Mag's Vulture blog, Buck gives "Dexter" followers a glimmer of hope when responding to a question regarding the supposed final season.

"It might be the last. That hasn’t been announced yet. We’ve been picked up for one more season, but whether that is the last one or not has not yet been determined."

Buck was then asked if he "thinks" it should be the last. "Well, honestly, because we were picked up for two seasons, and the understanding was it may be the last, we’re certainly moving in that direction. But until Showtime tells us one way or another we’re not making any more definitive decisions," was how the producer replied.

The ratings are too good to cancel! This show is going to go on for ten more seasons isn't it?
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