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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

I've run into a problem on Tatooine due to the reduced xp for FTP. I was finished with Nar Shadaa at level 24. Did everything I possibly could, unless there was something I had missed in terms of regular missions, and everything on Tatooine was at level 25, so I couldn't make much progress unless I grinded, so that's what I did. Went out into the desert, applied an XP boost and went and killed anything that had the white symbol, such as the giant lizards and there were lots of those. Took awhile, but I eventually leveled to 25 and made some more progress with my missions. So, let that be a warning to anyone coming to Tatooine after Nar Shadaa while playing FTP. There might be a few other situations like this going forward too.
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