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Re: Braga wants your ideas for Bluray extras

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didn't TATV get put on a "viewer's choice" Trek collective DVD? How did that happen if it's almost universally hated by the fanbase? I'm serious-is the theory that it was a rigged vote with internet ballot-stuffing or that there never was a fan vote on it, and the folks putting together the collection just put what they wanted on it?

I've been wondering for a while how TATV got put on it, with the amount of hatred there is for that episode in fandom.
Those Fan Collective polls were bullshit anway.

The Alternative Factor, which many fans considered one of the worst TOS episodes, ended up on one the fan collectives was proof of this.

Endgame being any where on the collectives was also a mistake IMO. What made it worst was that it was on TWO sets!
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