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Re: Was Voyager better?

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Voyager > The Next Generation. The crew had a chemistry that the Next Genners lacked.
I never got this. Where was this "chemistry"?

Janeway was a tyrant at times. Chakotay didn't have a pulse. The EMH was treated as an object for much of Voyager's run, so say nothing of how rude he was. Torres was hostile to everyone to the point of violence at times. Paris was really the only guy that could get along with most everyone, but even he sparred with Neelix, the EMH, Chakotay and his own wife at times. Everyone made fun of poor Harry Kim, Voyager's whipping boy. Neelix was in your face about everything to the point of being overbearing. Seven was confrontational with pretty much everyone.

Kes and Tuvok are the only ones who get a pass on this being they were the two least confrontational people on the ship. Kes really was the only genuinely friendly person on the ship, and Tuvok's Vulcan logic keeps him non confrontational usually. Though even he had a hard time getting the Maquis to respect him.

Now, did this drama make Voyager more interesting at times than the TNG crew? Sure. But to say they had good chemistry is a stretch.
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