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I immediately remembered who Ensign Gates was when I read her name, even though her pic isn't posted in this thread. But, even after seeing the Diana Giddings article in Memory Alpha, I can only semi-remember her. The end of the article said:

Was her name even mentioned in an episode? Did she ever have any lines? BTW, does anyone know which "door" is mentioned in my quote?

Also, I love Gate's "memorable quote" that Memory Alpha mentions.... "Course plotted, sir."
The door is from "The Outrageous Okona" in S2 when Worf comes to get Okona from her quarters.

Worf: "Iiiiiiiii like that."

Funny but awkward line.
He liked someone who had the guts to face him, I think.
Either way, the way he said it was pretty funny.
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