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Re: Vertical Warp Core?

Well, Timo, that's the sort of sloppy thinking that messes it up. Writers for ENT didn't think about it. Back in the 70's, we were all certain the reactors were in the nacelles, and it seemed clear the TMP linear intermix chamber was a radical departure, moving the reactors from 1 small one in each nacelle to one big one inside the hull. If anyone has the TMP novel, I think there was even some mention in there about it being one of the changes. So when TNG developed the idea further, and then dubbed them warp core, that made sense. But when ENT reused the term, I seriously doubt they deliberately intended to say "you just never knew it was in use all the time". Most likely, they just assumed it was ok, just as the scriptwriters for POTC didn't think about when "ok" was invented. Movies no longer hire a research company to check theirscripts for facts and anachronisms, just to ensure they don't use real names or copyrighted fictional ones.
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