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Re: Lost Girl--Season 3?

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I think Lost Girl is probably set in Toronto, where it's filmed, because in the episode where Ryan got hooked on Bo and almost married her, it was mentioned that they were only a couple of hours from "the Falls," presumably Niagara Falls, which is about a 90-minute drive from Toronto..
The fact that a recent ep featured Fae "football" hooligans suggests that the show isn't set in the USA, although I think they're mostly deliberately vague about the setting.
Yeah, they seem very deliberately vague about it. I think they don't want to tip their hand to the American audiences that they're really a Canadian show. But occasionally certain Canadian bits come up. I've only just started watching but there is the bit in "Vexed" with the woman on death row and they mention that she's "accross the border." Canada doesn't have the death penalty, does it?

And for those viewers who gave up on the show early on, you might want to at least stick with it through episode 1x08 "Vexed." There are... ...things that happen with Bo & Lauren that might make it worth you're while...

(God, I'm such an easy mark for some half-decent femslash.)
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