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Re: Firefly first-time/rewatch (NO SPOILERS, please)


OK, so upthread I kept bitching about how Cobb would be better if played by Ron Perlman. Still think he would have been ideal in role, but Baldwin's great big lummox has grown on me and this is the episode that sealed it. The 'feet of clay' hero's an old trope but it's nicely done here. Baldwin really holds the episode together well and all the little subplots have their moments: Kaylee and Simon's unrequited passion; Inara and the Daniel Jackson lookeelikee; Jayne's bar ballad; River 'fixing' Book's bible and the scary hair! And finally someone we kinda care about dies in Fireflyverse; at last some genuine pathos. Only real complaint is that climax (complete with loony tunes scarface) is a little rushed. But I liked this one. And plus points for another classic Trek guest star
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