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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Just finished Q Who in my linear watch-through and the compositing of the Borg cube really does look pretty bad. Very flat and gray looking.

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Would you consider the Royale to be an example of sticking to the script even though the details of it are completely contradicting to what we are seeing?

Data: He's been dead for 283 years sir. The lack of any advanced decomposition is due to the sterile environment.

And yet, it's a freaking skeleton. Why didn't they just say it was a skeleton? Why does the dialogue imply that we should be seeing a somewhat preserved body when we're looking at a skeleton with skin flakes underneath it?
Do you know what... I feel very stupid as I had never noticed that before.
I always assumed Data meant that the skeleton was still somewhat preserved and not crumbled completely to dust. But, on thinking about it more, Jeyl is probably correct.
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