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Re: TOS original broadcast tapes found - need player

Gary7 wrote: View Post
Fun nostalgia, but to watch? Meh. Grainy and as Scotpens pointed out, they'll probably be edited. Better off investing in the Blu-ray edition.
Nothing wrong with grain. Edits, yeah, those suck.

Rocketeer wrote: View Post
Sounds like a cool find. However, as Gary7 mentioned the viewing quality is probably questionable. The 3/4" tapes may be better off in a museum.

I found some Star Trek VHS tapes in the attic and was wondering if I should give them away or just take to the recycling center. Nobody watches VHS anymore, right?

If you really want to enjoy TOS, check out the remastered episodes. iTunes has Best of Vol 1 and 2 which has a lot of my favorites. It's a good buy if you don't want to purchase the full seasons.
I prefer to watch the VHS/Laserdisc prints over the remastered DVDs/Blu-Rays. Mostly because of the sound mix (something I've commented on to the point of ridiculousness by now). The right sound is more important to me than pristine HD sharpness.

Personally, if digital copies of these tapes were ever made, I would LOVE to have some. They sure would answer some questions I've had over the years. bbbarton, if you ever want to dump these, shoot me a message. I have free, unlimted access to a U-matic player.
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